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We are two creatives with a passion for what we do, looking to help entrepreneurs and business owners to showcase what they love to do… Sometimes that’s as simple as a headshot to show the World the person behind the Brand. Other times it’s the product you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Then of course there’s the Event that you’ve painstakingly put together that everyone will be talking about.

Simon Kearsley

How did I get into photography..?

My Dad was a Bin Man in a really posh area and whenever a new camera came out the old ones would get left on top of the bin for the bin man to take.

So that’s how I ended up with my first Hasselblad Camera

My aunty was a hobbyist photographer and taught me how to develop film.

Anne Pattison

I have always been a people person, so when Simon started Creative Camera full-time, it didn’t take me long to leave my teaching job and jump on board. I’m the candid photographer with the long lens capturing the moments and passion.

If you need anything sensible answering like arranging shoots and checking availability then I’m your Go-To Girl. If you want any mad Photography ideas then Simon is The Go-To Guy.

Experience Spoken

Jamie R

“Have worked with the Creative Camera team for almost 10 years and they have become part of our team. They listen to key shots we need and use their sixth sense to get the killer shots we didn’t even know we wanted! They have never let us down, always on time and seem to have new kit each time to go the extra mile for us. Highly recommend .”

Amy H

“Great quality pictures. We asked for a corporate headshot to go on our website, ECR Ltd. Excellent service. Will definitely be using again.”

Victor G

“I’ve worked with Simon and CCM for a few years now introduced them to many of my cherished customers / clients and always found them to be the utmost professional set of people in the industry … Simon takes time and patience to get the right professional results for the client .. I’d highly recommend them to anyone else who are in a position for their services ..”

Every event has a story to tell and we are there with you to tell it in a visual way. Our approach is to get right in with the action engaging with the attendees and capturing their interactions in a friendly approachable manner.

Food Events are fast paced and require a candid fast paced style and a more formal wow shot of the competitor’s final submissions.

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your product. So it’s best to show them off to the World in a high-quality way. Whether that be in an internet White Box Style or a fashion/lifestyle shoot we can guide you through the process to help your Brand come to life.

You and your personality represents your Brand. What better way to show the clients who they are aligning themselves with than with a perfect shot profile image to be used in LinkedIn, Monthly newsletters, and Quarterly Journals (well you get the point).

Simon & Anne

The greatest product on the planet won't impress anyone without the right images. Helping brands and events shine for over a decade.

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