NHS Chef of The Year 2022

NHS Chef of The Year 2022

Photography & Film

Having a chat about an exciting project like NHS Chef of the Year is one of those moments where you think…. Yes I can make a difference here, showcase a part of the catering and medical sector that really doesn’t get hardly any recognition.

Emma and Phil from NHS England have really stepped up to the plate (pun intended ) to highlight the importance of the work the catering teams throughout the NHS Trusts do and water to create a platform for them to learn and grow from professionals through the industry. Ultimately leading to those individuals returning their Trusts and passing on the skills they have learnt. Truly inspiring stuff.

Our task was to showcase the Event in a way that wouldn’t be off putting to the competitors whilst demonstrating to the naysayers that this was a fabulous opportunity for the Chefs to Learn and Grow.

The Film was broken up into two parts.

  • A trailer 2-3mins highlighting the competition as a whole
  • A 30 min short film bring together the journey of the competitors

The images were to serve as a documentary Piece for both Magazine and Socials.

Here’s what we did….

The First Few days of the Event were a learning platform for the finalist. With talks from famous chefs on sustainable proteins to Natasha’s Laws Parents. Right through to Suppliers such as MKN, Rational, and Hobart showcasing the kitchen equipment that most of the Competitors already y had access to but never really unlocked its full potential.

And the COMPETITION begins

Capturing the beginning of the competition we could see the nerves really kicking in and equally the skills progressing.

And then you come to the Knockouts.

There is no production team on these kinds of jobs so it’s important to guide the organisers in the theatre of the competition, add tension, suspense and ultimately relief / disappointment.

There can only be one winner.

But the progress and the lessons learnt throughout the competition really shone through.

the Films

NHS Chef of the Year 2022 Trailer.

And the Full 30 min piece.

NHS Chef of the Year 2022 Short Film

It’s not just about the Competition….

The Ladies from Stockport NHS have gone on to be the faces of a national food brand helping workers throughout the NHS get access to great food throughout the day whatever the time of day that is

The Ladies from Nottingham NHS secured funding for a new kitchen, moving out of the cupboard they currently occupy to a purpose build kitchen serving staff and public through the 24hr working cycle of their services. They have since thanked us for this film as they have told us that without it they would not have secured the funding, that makes us really proud to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

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